We have thought of a way of giving back to the community and have created an avenue where every member can be a part of.

The charity purse is a place where funds which will be donated to charity periodically appear. Every member has an opportunity to donate to this purse directly from their Confirmed Funds in the Vault.

The charity purse will be visible to all on every dashboard as well as the home page of the website.

Funds received here will be withdrawn periodically and payable to certain individuals who make themselves useful in the community and volunteer to lead the charity team.

We will be visiting children’s homes, Internally Displaced Persons camps, sponsoring the education of the less privileged, etc.

We will be having physical meetings and mobilizing to the various places where we are to be of service and a blessing to.

Any mission embarked on will be documented for reference purpose and also posted on the website for all to see.

All members who volunteer to be a part of such visitations will each get a branded Unifund T-shirts.

Suggestions from members on where to visit and other things to make our giving better are welcome and only verifiable homes and charities will be accepted for visitation.

Please note that donating to this purse is not compulsory and the purse is displayed for all to see so we can all monitor how it is disbursed and spent. We will not tolerate any form of fraud.

Love is all we need.

What are the advantage of Unifund?

Unifund gives you the opportunity to make 40% of your investment in 5 days.

There is no central account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only in the bank accounts of the participants themselves

Any other bonuses?

Yes, there is referral bonus of 5% on your downlines and recycle bonus of 3%. days.

What else do I need to know?

You have negative 5% when your downline do not recycle or failed their transaction and a negative 10% when they upload fake PoP

Your Get Fund request can be made 5 days after the confirmation of your DF.