1. Attempting to modify account details without notifying support attracts a moratorium of 7 days on the account of the member. During this period, a member is unable to receive funds.
  2. False details i.e. banking details, mobile number, etc. will mean a member cannot withdraw and attracts a moratorium of 7days before they are changed by a support agent. Or a member pays N5000 to the charity purse to have his/her account unblocked instantly.
  3. Any member who posts a Fake Proof of Payment (Fake POP) will have his/her account completed deleted with or without funds in the system.
  4. When a member is paired to donate to another member and fails to do so, his/her account is placed under moratorium for 14days. During this period, a member is unable to receive funds. When a member fails to donate twice in a row, his/her account is suspended and will require writing to support after which the account is placed on a 30-day moratorium.
  5. Any account without an open transaction i.e. Donate Fund or Receive Fund, will be suspended and will require writing to support to unlock it.
  6. Non-confirmation of donation by receiver will attract a moratorium of 7days during which a member is unable to make any withdrawals from the system.
  7. Talking down the community and complaint on social media is prohibited and attracts a ban. All complaints should be channelled to the call centre, live chat agents, or support.

Please note that the  live chat centre is open for enquiries, complaints and suggestions from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.

What are the advantage of Unifund?

Unifund gives you the opportunity to make 40% of your investment in 5 days.

There is no central account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only in the bank accounts of the participants themselves

Any other bonuses?

Yes, there is referral bonus of 5% on your downlines and recycle bonus of 3%. days.

What else do I need to know?

You have negative 5% when your downline do not recycle or failed their transaction and a negative 10% when they upload fake PoP

Your Get Fund request can be made 5 days after the confirmation of your DF.